Shampoo Bar - Pat's hair is FUBAR

  • By Skin Goop
  • 18 Jan, 2020

“I regret to say I can’t come to the movies”, said Pat, regretfully.

“Whazzup?” asked Kelly, questioningly.

“Uh…my hair. It’s FUBAR” opined Pat (not knowing what ‘opined’ even means)

“Your hair? On your head? All these years….” Kelly fell silent.

“All these years what?!” demanded Pat, demandingly.

“I thought that was nesting material on your noggin Pat. I truly thought you believed that one fine spring day, the Chickadees you love so much, would nest on your head….. .”

An uncomfortable silence fell like a 5 ton weight between Pat and Kelly.

“You know Pat. I have something that might help your nest, I mean, your hair…heh heh….Here. It’s a shampoo bar from Skin Goop.”

“This bar of soap?” spat Pat.

“IT’S NOT SOAP!!!” screamed Kelly. “Soap is the wrong pH for your scalp and hair. OMG!! The high pH of soap causes the cuticles to stand up, allowing water to enter the hair. That is NOT good. Unlike SO many bars of soap, pretending to be shampoo, Skin Goop’s shampoo bars are made with actual shampoo ingredients, AND the pH is CORRECTED so it’s close to that of your scalp and hair.” exploded Kelly, like TNT. So…long story shorter: Pat used the Skin Goop shampoo bar from Kelly, loved it, and bought more. AND, the Chickadees in Pat’s yard built several nests in trees in Pat’s yard the following spring, much to Pat’s delight. Chick-a-dee-dee-dee!

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