Kissy Lips - Danny and Frankie

  • By Skin Goop
  • 19 Jan, 2020
Kissy Lips and the dinosaurs

“Rar” roared Danny the Deinonychus.

“Hey? What’s that boss? You roar that you went and got yourself some Kissy Lips?” asked Frankie, the fringed lizard.

“Rar Rar!” added Danny.

“Oh yeah. I know they use local, organic Water Buffalo tallow in it. It really makes the lip balm feel GREAT!” said Frankie.

“Rar Rarrrrrrr RAR!” said Danny.

“I see you got both flavors boss, coffee AND creamsicle. Smart move! Who says your brain ain’t bigger than a walnut, am I right?” laughed Frankie.

“Rar rar rar rar rar rar” responded Danny angrily.

“Sorry boss. I shouldn’t mention that thing about your brain. My bad. Say…that Kissy Lips looks HUGE! Do you need help with it?” offered Frankie.

“Rar…..rar rar…rar rarrrrrrrrrr” responded Danny, agitated.

“Oh yeah, I know chapped lips are a bummer. Hey, I heard some human beings have even used Kissy Lips on their noses, when they have a cold and they hurt from being blown and wiped a lot. Must be rough to be a human, am I right, boss?” asked Frankie.

“Rar, rar, rar, rar, rar, rar” said Danny.

“Ah, you can’t make up your mind which flavor to use today, eh? How about you apply the coffee to your upper lip and the creamsicle to your lower lip? That way you can enjoy both at the same time?” suggested Frankie.


“Yeah, I know I come up with great ideas. That’s because I have more than just a walnut-sized brain boss.” said Frankie. “Oh oh!”

“RARRRRRRRR!!! RARRRRR!!!” bellowed Danny, causing the smaller sauropods in the vicinity to go a scurrying for cover.

Luckily for Frankie, Danny was holding onto the HUGE Kissy Lips otherwise this story would have ended up with little Frankie being flattened with a gigantic fern. And THAT would have been quite a curious find for a paleontologist……

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