Soap: Danny the dinosaur takes a bath in time for his doom!

  • By Skin Goop
  • 24 Jan, 2020
Danny the dinosaur takes a bath in time for his doom!

“Hi there boss!” said Frankie, the Fringed Lizard. “I’m going down to the stream for a bath, wanna come too?”

“RAAAAAAHHHHH!” said Danny the Deinonychus.

“Great. I’ve got some soap made with local Water Buffalo tallow made by Skin Goop, in Comox.”

“AAARRRRAAAARRRR!” replied Danny.

“Oh, the fat was going to be thrown out, but Skin Goop rescued it and rendered it into tallow. They once kept track of all the time they spent on turning the fat into tallow, and it took a total of 30 hours. Now THAT is waste reduction by making something great out of something that would have gone to the dump.”

“RRRAAAARRR” agreed Danny.

”Which Skin Goop soap bar would you like to use boss? There’s lavender soap, wth lavender buds from THEIR yard. And, there is spearmint, with bits of peppermint leaves from THEIR yard. They also have lemongrass ’n lavender combination, also with lavender buds. There’s even creamsicle that smells just like a mix of orange and vanilla. AND they have vanilla latte, with little bits of locally-roasted coffee beans that give a little exfoliation action.” said Frankie.

Danny picked the creamsicle bar, and they ambled down to the stream and used the Skin Goop soap which is made in small batches, ONLY because of space limitations, not because making small batches makes soap better, truth be told. After their bath, they sat on the shore, enjoying the view….until the sky was darkened by some strange object that seemed to be on fire when it entered the atmosphere…..da da DA!!!!! Good thing they were clean!!!

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