Swell & Super Duper Creams: Danny’s dinosaur skin needs cream!

  • By Skin Goop
  • 24 Jan, 2020
Danny’s dinosaur skin needs cream!

“RRRAAAAARRRR!” said Danny the Deinonychus.

“What’s that boss? You’re looking for a cream for your skin that is NOT greasy, is made locally AND it feels nice on your skin?” asked Frankie the Fringed Lizard.

“RRRRARRR!” responded Danny.

“How about this Swell cream OR the Super Duper cream from Skin Goop? They’ve got local, organic Water Buffalo tallow in it. The fat was rescued from being thrown out and it was rendered into tallow. Kinda cool to be making use of something that was going to be just wasted, isn’t it?” asked Frankie.

“RAR, RAR, RRRRRAAAAAARR!!!” said Danny, then asked, “RARRR?”

“No, it won’t reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. That’s just marketing, and Skin Goop doesn’t go for that kind of stuff. If people want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, they should turn their lights down or maybe use candles in their houses, am I right?” asked Frankie.

“RARRROOOO?” asked Danny.

“Oh, the Super Duper cream feels like room-temperature butter when applied, but it does NOT feel greasy once it’s rubbed in. You only need a very small amount. It’s available currently in creamsicle or lemongrass ’n lavender scent, boss.”

“RAAA” said Danny.

“The Swell cream is a really thick cream, it’s great for really dry skin, like on heels. It feels like fridge-temperature butter when applied, but it TOO gets absorbed quickly. It’s available in creamsicle, lemongrass ’n lavender OR rose geranium”

“EEEERRRARRR! Ptht” continued Danny.

“Yeah boss, I….holy boss..what’s that smell? Did you?….Uh….”

“RRRARR?” asked Danny.

“No, it’s O.K. boss. Everybody seeps gas now and then boss, no big whoop, but I think my skin is beginning to peel. Who did you eat lately boss? That was mighty potent there. I guess that’s why YOU’RE the boss, am I right?”

“RRRRAAAARRR” agreed Danny.

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