Lavender buds: Danny the dinosaur enjoys his lavender buds in his bathtub o' fun!

  • By Skin Goop
  • 03 Dec, 2020
Danny enjoys lavender bud baths

“Let me in the bathtub whitchoo guys!” begged Ginger, trying to climb into the tub.

“Rarrrr!” roared Danny, the Deinonychus dinosaur.

“Aw, come on, there’s room for me too. How come Frankie was allowed in the lovely tub of lavender buds?” sulked Ginger.

“RRR!” responded Danny, angrily. Then, the lavender buds poofed up a little, right behind Danny.

“Hey boss. Did you just…fart?” asked Ginger.

“Raaaaaahhh!” responsed Danny, indignantly, turning slightly red.

“S’cool boss, it smells like lavender. How wonderful!”

“I know!” added Frankie, from the other end of the tub. “I ate a whack of garlic and cabbage yesterday and honestly, you’d NEVER know it. Thank goodness for these better-than-organically grown lavender buds. They’ve saved me from the em-bare-asssss-ment of the after effects of dining on garlic & cabbage.”

The lavender buds can be enjoyed in your own bathtub BUT you better put them into a sock, and tie it up tight before you throw it into the tub. You do NOT want to clog up the pipes, no matter how wonderful the lavender buds will make your bath smell, dig? This would also work in your shower. Just stomp on that sock’o lavender buds while showering. Mmmmmmm

If you too have been enjoying cabbage & garlic, sew yourself some lavender sachets, and put one in your back pocket. When…uh…gas seepage occurs, just squeeze that sachet smartly & elegantly and no one will be the wiser. GENIUS!

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