Benjamin Really Likes Something Special Lotion

  • By Skin Goop
  • 31 Mar, 2020

Benjamin really likes Something Special Lotion

“Benjamin! What are you doing in there?!” demanded Benjamin's mother, pounding on his bedroom door. “Why is the door locked?”

“Benjamin's mother, I'm watching videos!” responded Benjamin.

“Videos? What kind of videos?”

“Biology…it's a biology lesson. It's important to keep up with… studies.” said Benjamin, irritated at being interrupting during session.

“Well…where's my Something Special Lotion?? My hands are so dry from all the hand washing we need to do after we go out…..Benjamin?”

“Yeah Benjamin's mother. I have it here. I…uh….I ALSO have dry hands” said Benjamin. “Yeah, dry hands, that's the ticket” he whispered to himself.

“You know Benjamin, it's a virtue to SHARE. Now give me the lotion already! I'm tired of asking.” demanded Benjamin's mother impatiently.

Benjamin opened the door a crack and passed the Something Special Lotion out between the small opening.

“It's about time. What's the biology lesson you're studying with such enthusiasm?”

“Reproduction strategies amongst mammals” came the response, from behind the quickly-closed door.

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