Our Values

We do NOT use fear-mongering or feel-good marketing terms, instead, we make GOOD PRODUCTS.


  • Water Buffalo (local 😃) fat is diverted from the land fill where it would contribute to methane production. The fat is converted in-house (in the garage, actually) to a wonderful, clean tallow which is used in many of Skin Goop’s products. AND the birdies LOVE to eat it in the winter!
    Stellar's Jay enjoying our tallow
  • Preservatives ARE used in products that need them because otherwise they’d become contaminated = WASTED ingredients. AND, the user might become ill from the microbes in the unpreserved product by naturally occurring bacteria, mould or fungi. It is also ILLEGAL to sell a product which requires preservation, without it.
  • Do-nothing marketing ingredients are NOT used. These add cost to the product without doing anything to improve it and we think that’s wrong.
  • No B.S. “detoxifying” ingredients used here! The liver and kidneys do all the necessary detoxifying of your blood. Toxins do not accumulate in your skin. Yes, they can in your fat, but not in your skin, so lotions and soaps with accompanying claims to detoxify are just B.S.
  • No ingredients are used from over-harvested or rare sources. One example is Sandalwood. Though Sandalwood can be obtained from plantations versus ‘wild harvested’ or ‘wild crafted’, those plantations are created by first DESTROYING native habitat 😥.
  • No colourants (NATURAL OR SYNTHETIC) are used in our products. Such materials require mining or building a production facility, just for the sake of colour. Sad. Our soap, shampoo and shamPOOCH bars might have colour from dried plant materials grown HERE, or grown at the local farm market.


  • Second hand mostly. Why create a demand for more resource extraction etc. when something can be re-used?
  • Our soap and bar molds are home-made from scraps from construction sites or bought at garage sales. We LOVE garage sales, they are truly a GREAT way to give used materials another chance to shine!
  • Our plungers for our soap and bar molds were made from scrap lumber found on-site or from people in the neighbourhood.


  • We re-use paper as much as possible. Why, our soaps are wrapped in packing paper from when the mother-in-law moved away. What a GREAT day THAT was!🥂
  • Shampoo bars, conditioner bars and shamPOOCH bars means no bottles of any type are needed! These bars are 1st wrapped in strips of washed, re-purposed dry goods packaging instead of commercial material or fancy wrapping. Then, they are wrapped in plain paper and coloured with pencil crayons. What fun!
  • We often reuse empty boxes or bags for pick-ups or deliveries instead of new bags or boxes. This decreases demand for their production since paper, in the form of living trees, is nicer than a new box or paper bag.
  • Creams are provided in glass containers. These get washed, sanitized and refilled when they’re returned. Sadly, all glass containers are made in China. However, we use squeezable, recyclable plastic containers for lotion, made in the U.S., that can go into our local blue bins for recycling.
  • Kissy Lips lip balm is provided in a U.S-made REFILLABLE tubes. Yes, that’s right, you can get a refill for your Kissy Lips!!! You can get a different flavour of refill each time. Can you STAND it? 🤪
  • Citrus Scrubby Soap is provided in re-used (washed & sanitized) home-brew bottles.


  • Solar panels were installed which decrease our reliance on hydro electricity.
  • Deliveries are done via foot or bicycle the vast majority of times. On rare occasions, we make deliveries on ‘car day’ to customers a little farther away, saving them a car-car ride to pick up their goodies.
  • Our deodorant refill blocks mean you can re-use your plastic stick deodorant container many, many, many times.
  • Our home-grown lavender is never sprayed with anything. When you inhale our fresh cut lavender, or enjoy the buds, you are ONLY inhaling the lavender fragrance, never any pesticides.
  • No insects or spiders are harmed during harvest because the stems are carefully shaken before being cut. Any hidden creatures can escape during the weeks the lavender dries outside.

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