Swell Cream

50mL amber glass jar

When you apply this to your lucky, lucky skin, you’ll think, “This is just swell!” because it is. This is really swell skin cream.

It is thick, really swell, non-greasy, and quickly sinks into your skin like nobody’s business. It’s so swell it might make your head spin! If you don’t have time to be patiently rubbing a cream into your skin while eating bonbons on a velvet sofa, then this IS the skin cream for you! And….it’s swell!

Great for really dry skin.

The jars are refillable (with a new liner for the cap for safety’s sake).

Scents available
  • Creamsicle (Orange and vanilla)
Water, water buffalo tallow*, sunflower seed oil*, emulsifier, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, sodium lactate, lanolin, essential/fragrance oils, allantoin, preservative, xanthan gum, sodium phytate *organic

OMG the swell cream!!! I love it. Best stuff I’ve ever used. I’m not one to consistently do anything, I’m pretty much a squirrel and get easily distracted. BUT… this stuff is so good that I actually look forward to putting it on. Then I wave my hands in my sweetie’s face and make him smell it cuz it’s soooo yummy. My hands feel like a baby’s butt, not the poopy kind, but the fresh out of the bath kind. Soooo soft. I love that it’s backed by science and has ethical ingredients plus is zero waste. Win win.

DS, Seal Bay

I use the Swell Cream on my heels after I shower. It has REALLY cut down on my socks mending.

BS, Comox

Been meaning to message you! Loving it! It reminds me of this serum bar I used to buy at l*sh… I’ve been looking for something that compares and I finally found it!

CT, Langley

I have the girls at the spa apply this to my feet (instead of their stuff) after my pedicure. I love it!

BD, Comox

Used the lemon grass and lavender soap and Swell Cream in am. Both very nice. I have very dry skin. But these certainly made things better

CJ, Courtenay

The smell is amazing! I’ve been using it at night on my legs, it’s helped for sure.

LL, Courtenay

Loving the swell (cream)!! So rich and creamy and smells SOOO GOOD!!!

JS, Courtenay

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