Super Duper Cream

Super Duper Cream
50g amber glass jar

If looking at your skin makes you think of skin from our very, very, very early reptilian ancestors, perhaps Super Duper Cream can help, and it feels like buttah going on!

Luxurious, rich, easy-to-apply Super Duper Cream is fanTAStic for all skin types. It sinks into skin quickly and gives long-lasting suppleness to skin. Soothing for eczema or other severely dry skin conditions.

The jars are refillable (with a new liner for the cap for safety's sake).

Scents available
  • Creamsicle (Orange and vanilla)
  • Lemongrass n'Lavender (A blend of lemongrass and lavender scents. Truth in advertising!)
Water, MIX of: (sunflower oil*, apricot kernel oil*, hemp butter, castor bean oil*, wheat germ oil*, lanolin, beeswax*), bison tallow*, emulsifier, glycerin, stearic acid, sodium lactate, essential/fragrance oils, allantoin, preservative, xanthan gum, sodium phytate *organic

I’ve never used a better cream than your Super Duper Cream. They repaired my skin. You knocked it out of the park!

CC, Merville

I use the Super Duper Cream on my kid's dry, sensitive skin during the winter. It does a great job getting rid of the dry, red chapped hands and cheeks. He really likes the creamsicle scent too!

SH, Winnipeg

Seeing as I have dry skin on my face, I use Super Duper Cream at night. My husband uses it on itchy areas of his back. My daugther uses it for excema on her four year-old son, also on sensitive areas of skin.

IG, Royston

Delightful to use and my skin feels so wonderful 🥰

AL, Comox

My husband uses it as a moisturizer on his heels and feet and he loves it too!

Apple Lady, Comox

I use Super Duper Cream on my face and arms 2 or 3 times a day as I have very dry skin and it is a great moisturizer!

Apple Lady, Comox

I have enjoyed using the Super Duper Cream on my face for the past eight months. It keeps my skin soft and moisturized and I am comforted by the fact that it is made from locally-sourced natural products.

NLOT, Comox

Your cream, was soft and felt “smooth” and absorbed quickly which prevented that greasy feeling. My hands felt moisturized without itchiness. I am impressed with how it worked.

CK, Winnipeg

Super Duper Cream makes my skin so soft and I find that my eczema is not not itchy when using the cream.

LL, Comox

I loooove the Super Duper Cream and will be in touch for more!

KL, Comox Valley

The Super Duper Cream healed my raw thumb in only two applications! Amazeballs!

LC, Sointula

I've tried many, many creams and Super Duper Cream lasts the whole day; I don’t need to reapply it or carry cream in my purse.

LV, Campbell River

I love love love the Super Duper Cream and the lip balm!

JS, Comox Valley

Feels great on my face. Such dry skin and this stuff works great. This is nice all over, like a body butter.

CJ, Courtenay

I really love the smell of Super Duper Cream, it smells like orange creamsicle. My skin feels soft and the smell lasts a long time, so good! I recommended you try this amazing cream.

LJ, Summerland

I love the Super Duper Cream! I've been using it as an evening face moisturizer. It feels great and smells delicious!

JL, Comox

My skin looks and feels and smells great!

GG, Comox

Why do we call Super Duper Cream 'super'? Because of results like these.

C.K. - using Super Duper Cream on her hands

I've used prescription cream in the past, and while I got results, I often had relapses (so to speak) because the Rx cream has a petroleum base (like Vaseline) which caused my skin to itch. I'd scratch and undo some of the healing. The Rx cream wasn't a good fit. I've also tried otc creams advertised to work on skin suffering from eczema but those various creams could also sometimes be too greasy - causing itchiness.

CK finger - before & after

CK finger - before & after

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