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Your guests will NEVER leave any bathroom you have our soaps in! Oh, uh… maybe that’s NOT such a good thing?

Featuring local, organic, Water Buffalo tallow. Our soap will NOT dry your skin, as some soap might.

Animal fats more closely match the fats in us human animals versus the oils in all-vegetable (“veggie”) oil soap. All the glycerin that is produced during the saponification reaction (that rhymes!) is in our soap, and glycerin is a fine, fine humectant to keep your skin from feeling dry. Dehydrated plant material, when added, is our own, grown without pesticides so no bees, spiders, nor people are harmed.

Scents available
  • Creamsicle (A mix of orange and vanilla)
  • Lavender (with our own pesticide-free, organic lavender buds)
  • Lemongrass
  • Lemongrass n'Lavender (A blend of lemongrass and lavender scents, with our own pesticide-free, organic lavender buds)
  • Spearmint (with our own pesticide-free, organic spearmint)
  • Vanilla Latte (Coffee and vanilla, with local organic coffee bean bits)
Made using local organic water buffalo tallow, coconut oil, olive oil, soybean oil, essential/fragrance oils

Love the creamsicle and how long the soap lasts without turning into a slimy lump! I LOVE tallow and now see why it was traditionally used for soap and lotions.

VM, Comox

I love your soaps. Have not bought bodywash since using them.

MF, Comox Valley

The orange creamsicle soap smells amazing!

SH, Winnipeg

We love the soap!

IG, Royston

I used SkinGoop soaps I had been given as a gift and was very pleased – the soap had a light perfume nothing too heavy and felt very good on my skin –will purchase from this site.

KG, Comox

I have purchased several heart-shaped bars of soap to give as gifts. These locally-made soaps have been appreciated by the recipients.

NLOT, Comox

I don't like, I LOVE your soaps!!

DM, Comox Valley

The soap is wonderful and smells fantastic.

CE, Comox

I really like the exfoliation feeling. I love the smell too, it’s wonderful. (on our Vanilla Latte soap)

AL, Courtenay

We have tried the soaps. I use the lavender on my baby, and my wife, and I have been using the coffee soap. They are both really nice!!! Lots of suds!!!

RM, Courtenay

Used the lemon grass and lavender soap and Swell Cream in am. Both very nice. I have very dry skin. But these certainly made things better

CJ, Courtenay

I absolutely love the fresh, clean fragrances together with the abundance of lather. I recommend using a soap puff when using these soaps….you won't regret the uplifting exfoliating/scent experience!

BG, Comox

I use the soap on my face and body and it doesn't dry up my skin. Love the natural products in the soap too.

JR, Comox

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