ShamPOOCH Bar with Oatmeal

Sold out, returning soon

Does your dog prefer to smell of something you don't like? ShamPOOCH will fix that.

Oatmeal contains anti-itch properties which you can read about here!

Make the dog-bathing task less stressful for you and your four-legged friend with this solid shampoo bar for dogs.

A more environmentally-friendly way to clean your dog than liquid shampoo (which is mostly water, and comes in throwaway bottles).

pH-balanced for dog's skin (unlike the soap bars masquerading as dog shampoo - BOO!). Very easy to clean the dog's “under-carriage”.

Allow the bar to dry between uses.

Scents available
  • Lightly scented with our lavender, that you and your dog will like.
Our house blend of 4 gentle, coconut-derived surfactants, colloidal oatmeal, sodium lactate, cetyl alcohol, glycerin, plant-based conditioner, stearic acid, our own lavender essential oil, sodium hydroxide (to attain the proper pH for a dog’s skin) PRESERVATIVES NOT NEEDED. We use 3 humectants in our ShamPOOCH because a dog’s skin is more sensitive than most human’s scalp or skin.

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