I give shamPOOCH bars a thumbs up! Well, I would if I had thumbs.
pH-balanced for dog's skin
‘I rolled in that rotting salmon carcass just for YOU, and ShamPOOCH washed it all away!!!!', howled Ivy.
‘My fur is going to be sooooo soft from this ShamPOOCH bath, the girls will never leave me alone!', thinks Sparky
‘After a bath with ShamPOOCH, we like to sit in front of the fire with a snifter of brandy. Hey, where's our human with the brandy?’
‘I don’t love the process but the product worked great! I’m a convert!', says Pickle
I have used the shampoo for the dogs and lathers wonderfully and left their coat very soft. I have a small dog with real wiry hair and a lab with water proof hair and it worked wonders on both and will probably bath them again today haha
‘ShamPOOCH worked wonders on my waterproof fur.’
Roxie says: ‘Two paws up for this product!’
‘I’m nice and shiny!', says Rover
‘My human says I smell soooooooo good after my spa treatment.', says Sula
50g bar

Does your dog prefer to smell of something you don't like? ShamPOOCH will fix that.

Make the dog-bathing task less stressful for you and your four-legged friend with this solid shampoo bar for dogs.

A more environmentally-friendly way to clean your dog than liquid shampoo (which is mostly water, and comes in throwaway bottles).

pH-balanced for dog's skin (unlike the soap bars masquerading as dog shampoo - BOO!). Very easy to clean the dog's “under-carriage”.

Allow the bar to dry between uses.

Scents available
  • Lightly scented with our lavender, that you and your dog will like.
Our house blend of 4 gentle, coconut-derived surfactants, sodium lactate, cetyl alcohol, glycerin, plant-based conditioner, stearic acid, our own lavender essential oil, Illite clay, sodium hydroxide (to attain the proper pH for a dog’s skin). PRESERVATIVES NOT NEEDED. We use 3 humectants in our ShamPOOCH because a dog’s skin is more sensitive than most human’s scalp or skin.

I used it on a VERY greasy, yeasty westie and his skin looked much nicer after and it was deeper cleaning than I expected. The owners were happy at pickup and were really happy that the shampoo bar was made locally they thought that was “so rad!” It was amazing. I wasn’t expecting it to get him that clean.

Groomer from Studio 79 Pet Spa inside Woofy’s on Ryan Road

My dogglets smell great after their bath. The bar was so much easier to apply than fighting gravity with a liquid on all the underneath bits! I will let you know how these two, and their notoriously sensitive skin do. 3 days after their bath with ShamPOOCH: No itchy mutts and on day 3 they still smell nice 😊

Tigger & Diva, Courtenay

I used the shamPOOCH the very next weekend after receiving it. It worked lovely! I like it so much more then the liquid shampoo because I was able to suds her up all over where I found the liquid would be wasted if I tried it rub it under her belly (or take multiple small doses) It also smelled lovely. I don’t think she cared for it but that’s likely more the bath experience 😆

SH, Winnipeg

My mom bathed her dog Cindy, ShamPOOCH smells nice and she came out really white (brightens her white colour)

LS, Comox

The dogs feel so soft!!! That ShamPOOCH is literally the best we have ever used

PS, Comox Valley

Was impressed with how well the dog shampoo suds up.

CV, Campbell River

It’s worked wonders for Sparky and my mom's dog!

LS, Comox

I just bathed Snookums using your ShamPOOCH and it's very good. Her fur looks great!

IG, Royston

Brian (the ShamPOOCH technician 😆) said the ShamPOOCH lathered up nicely and smelled very nice.

DMB, Comox

Also lathered and cleaned well on my lab. It cleans well for sure. I's just prefer more scent.

CJ, Courtenay

I right liked the ShamPooch. My old boy has skin issues and your bar left his skin nice and soft and he didn’t scratch at all after his bath, I will most definitely getting some more.

BT, Comox Valley

I highly recommend using Shampooch, Roxy is eight years old this is our first time using a natural healthy alternative product not full of chemicals and purchased from a pet store,this is by far the best she has ever looked and smelled! Very easy to use bar. I love love love it!🐾🐾 Two paws up for this product!🐶

TL, Campbell River

Pickle may not love the process but the product worked great! Used it for three baths so far. I’m a convert!

SD, Royston

I like the ShamPOOCH, it worked well. My dog’s fur is nice and shiny.

CS, Comox Valley

I finally got around to trying your dog shampoo. I liked it. It lathered up nicely and rinsed well. And she smells like a clean dog, but not a perfumed dog. And her coat is silky and soft. A+ product.

BB, Comox Valley

I washed my girl Marley yesterday with the ShamPOOCH bar. She smells amazing and her fur is so soft. She was very dirty yesterday digging rolling in dirt, but now her coat is amazing. A big hug!

LJ, Summerland

The ShamPOOCH is just awesome! I have used it many times on my overly-enthused-about-dead-fishies pug and it works perfect….I appreciate how easy it is to shampoo with one hand when the other is busy trying to hold down the squirm monster. 🙂. Love it!

SB, Comox

The dogs come out sparkling after a scrub with your ShamPOOCH & no after bath itch.

CC, Merville

My friends used this on their dogs. They said how soft their dog's fur was and how nice their dog smelled. I used on my fur baby and had the same results.

LJ, Qualicum Beach

I gave Bruno a bath with the ShamPOOCH and his hair is very soft and silky and no tangling when I brushed him. Love it. I totally recommend ShamPOOCH!

LC, Comox

Great dog shampoo!!! No residues left on the skin and all natural so it doesn’t aggravate the dog’s skin. Smells great too.

WLP, Courtenay

The oatmeal shamPOOCH bar was fabulous! Frothed up really quickly, nice and sudsy and we hardly used any of the bar. Sula smells devine!! She is now sunning herself on the front deck after her spa treatment!! Thank you so much!

VN, Comox

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