Shampoo (and body) bar - with oatmeal

over 50g bar
nylon bag

All the great (gentle) cleaning power of our regular shampoo bars, with added colloidal oatmeal to help with some cases of itchy scalp (much better than pulling your hair out). See some of the papers we've read about the benefits of oatmeal.

Simply rub the WET bag with the bar in it over your WET hair until you’ve created enough lather to make you giggle.

FOR ITCHY SCALPS: Leave it in contact with your scalp for about 2 minutes while you wash the rest of yourself. The oatmeal needs time to ‘get to work’ on your scalp, so let it do its job.

Good for about 50 or more washes (depending on oiliness, hair length, thickness & density)

Scents available
  • Unscented
Our house blend of 5 gentle, coconut-derived surfactants, organic colloidal oatmeal, sodium lactate, cetyl alcohol, stearic acid, citric acid (to attain the proper pH for human hair). PRESERVATIVES NOT NEEDED. Other shampoo bars on the market use ONLY one or two surfactants. That's the cheap-and-easy way. That is NOT the Skin Goop way. We DO NOT add oils or butters to OUR shampoo bars because a shampoo is meant to CLEAN your hair, not add oil to it. Golly! For the best results of the anti-itch colloidal oatmeal, rub in and leave on for 10 minutes.

Just wanted to get in touch to let you know how happy I am with the Colloidal oatmeal shampoo bar. I have found it very effective in controlling the itchy feeling I can get and helps to reduce and control any build up on my scalp. I still get the same great clean fresh hair that I do with your other shampoo bars too. I’m very happy with your new product and look forward to continuing to use this great shampoo bar!

KL, Shawnigan Lake

Wow! The oatmeal shampoo is the best shampoo I have used, either on my hair or my daughter’s hair.

I absolutely love it. Though you’ll have to take my word for it- I forgot to take pix (sorry), my daughter’s cradle cap is 90% gone, the shampoo does wonders for volume and shininess! It also makes my thinning hair look voluminous! Was going to write you about purchasing some. Amazing stuff ❤ I have washed my daughter’s (long) hair thrice. Very impressed with the results!

SG, Courtenay

Consensus is that it is fantastic. We have been back for a week and it is proving to be fantastic. I have found I still have some thick scalp areas but they seem smaller.

JD, Comox

I didn't notice any difference with the oatmeal vs the regular bars you make as far as lessening the itch……I'm just sparingly maybe once a week shampooing with the oatmeal bar and then using your conditioner bar heavily whenever my hair is wet. It's going pretty well.

SB, Courtenay

We are both using it and I LOVE it. I had a bit of itchy scalp too and that is gone! I can vouch for it as I have used it consistently …. I also think it lathers more than the other shampoo bar…. Oh I asked him (husband) this morning and he said definitely much less itching!

CS, Courtenay

I love the way it makes me hair feel very clean and soft. Unfortunately it didnt take the itch away. My itchiness was a bit of a bigger issue so the doctor prescribed me some medicated lotion as my scalp is red and painful. I do plan of continuing to use the oatmeal bar and order more in the future.

LPH, Courtenay

It's truly been great, to be honest. My hair is a tad finicky and i can now go 3-4 days without washing it and there is no frizz at all!

KDB, Comox Valley

So far I will say of shampoo bars I have tried, yours is my fave. I did find it helpful with itching and I also found my hair to be much softer!

LK, Comox

Listen to that! That’s the sound of hair being gently cleaned.

Wet the bar, either IN the bag, or removed from the bag. Rub it over your hair until you think you have enough of a lather ‘going’. Massage your scalp too! Be sure to make horns with your lathery hair. Rinse.

If your hair/scalp is a little oily or you’ve been throwing mud pies around, a repeat of the lather and rinse might be a good idea.

How long will a bar last?

This gorNgeous 🤣 head of short, thick, dense, curly hair gets washed 6 days a week. A shampoo bar, in our net bags, lasts for 60 uses.

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