Shampoo (and body) Bar

Here is the bar in 3 separate poses:

  • In its native habitat, a mesh bag. It can be used IN the bag itself, or removed. Storing it in the mesh bag between uses ensures it will dry nicely, as it should, between uses
  • In the rather boring, but functional and minimalist packaging
  • Naked, on a soap dish

“Danny the Deinonychus dinosaur is awestruck at the size of the bar!!”

Available in trial size (20g), and regular (50g).
Hanging happily in the shower between uses (in their mesh bags)
pH-balanced for your hair.
20g trial-sized bar
regular bar (about 50g)
Mint+Mary tea bar - (about 50g)
nylon bag

Is your normal to slightly-oily hair FUBAR? Use our shampoo bar.

Gentle enough for daily use, for your entire body.

A more environmentally-friendly way to clean your hair than liquid shampoo (that come in throwaway bottles - BOO). Convenient for travelling! These bars are good for normal to slightly oily hair. Good for about 50 or more uses (depending on oiliness, hair length, thickness & density) Simply rub the bag with the bar in it over your hair OR use the bag for storing the bar between use, in the shower.

Convenient for travelling!

Allow the bar to dry between uses.

Scents available
  • $11.00 - Unscented
  • $11.00 - Comox Rain (An earthy mix of basil, jasmine, lily, rose, and sandalwood.)
  • $11.00 - Grapefruit (Smells like pink grapefruit.)
  • $11.00 - Herbal Essences (A fresh mix of lime, grapefruit, bergamot, heather, jasmine, ylang ylang, and wood. Very much like the 1980s version of Clairol’s Herbal Essence shampoo.)
  • $11.00 - Island Escape (A blend of tropical fruit scents and coconut. NYUMAY!)
  • $11.00 - Lemongrass n'Lavender (A blend of lemongrass and lavender essential oils)
  • $11.00 - Oceanus (A blend of water lily, violet, jasmine, lily of the valley, rose, geranium, sandalwood, musk.)
  • $11.00 - Satsuma (Replica of Body Shop's satsuma. A nice blend of mandarin, bergamot, and exotic fruits.)
  • $13.00 - Mint+Mary Tea (A blend of peppermint, rosemary and tea tree essential oils.)
Our house blend of 5 gentle, coconut-derived surfactants, essential/fragrance oils, sodium lactate, brassica alcohol, stearic acid, citric acid (to attain the proper pH for human hair). PRESERVATIVES NOT NEEDED. Other shampoo bars on the market use ONLY one or two surfactants. That’s the cheap-and-easy way. That is NOT the Skin Goop way. We DO NOT add oils or butters to OUR shampoo bars because a shampoo is meant to CLEAN your hair, not add oil to it. Golly!
I was involved in the selling & manufacturing of a shampoo & conditioner line in the 1980’s. I love these shampoo bars. I know quality when I use it.
SF, Courtenay
I wanted to let you know that I used your shampoo bar sample and I loved it. I’m a self proclaimed hair product snob (due to having curly hair and working for years in the professional hair products industry). The bar is amazing.
Hair product snob, Courtenay
In a turbulent time, I had a moment of utter joy washing my hair. I’ll be interested to see how my hair responds over time, but I loved using the shampoo bar. It smells so good and lathered up beautifully. I just ran the bar down my hair about 6 times (long hair) and quickly realized I should have stopped at 2 or 3! I told you yesterday I’ve never met a shampoo bar I like. Thank you for changing that!
KC, Courtenay
Skin Goop shampoo bars are better than any store bought product I’ve ever used. They smell great, they make me wash my hair way less often, and are helping fuel my low waste lifestyle.
AC, Comox
The only shampoo and conditioner that has ever made my thick and dry hair feel THIS GOOD. LUXURIOUS. SOFT. MANAGEABLE. My itchy and dry scalp - GONE. NEVER TO RETURN AGAIN. AMAZING SCENTS. Thank you so much!!!
DM, Victoria
I washed my hair as you suggested, comparing your shampoo bar to the L**H bar when my hair was greasy. And both both bars cleaned my hair well and both lathered. I would say yours left mine feeling more conditioned and the L**H bar had a stripping feeling - it was slight. Your bar seems to hold together better and not be mushy. The L**H bar drips a lot when using, and after, gets a bit mushy.
LS, Comox
I have long thick hair and bought the island escape poo + conditioner bar. They lather amazingly and I need very little to get my hair clean and soft! Will never buy bottled shampoo again 😊 Oh and my daughter has dry scalp and the conditioner bar is doing wonders! Highly recommend these products!
MS, Courtenay
I’ve tried many conventional, commercial shampoo products all with similar results; a dry itchy scalp. I started using the shampoo bars last year and they are fantastic! No more itchy scalp! And my hair isn’t as oily as before so I don’t even need to wash it as often.
SH, Winnipeg
It’s fantastic! And super sudsy!
JS, Comox Valley
The shampoo bars are easy to use (easy to grab & lather, than open a bottle, leave my hair clean and not loaded down with residue. And I LOVE that they are low waste - no bottles to recycle! I store them in a tiny tin when traveling - compact and easy to pack.
SR, Comox
Best shampoo bar ever! Leaves your hair clean, suds up easily.
DFP, Comox
I have used both bars and LOVE them! Not only do they leave my hair feeling clean and soft, but they make the whole bathroom smell like a tropical getaway 😊
BW, Courtenay
I bought both the shampoo and the conditioner bars and love them! ❤️ I’ve been spreading the word. I don’t think I’ll ever use anything else now lol.
KM, Comox Valley
Love the ‘poo bars. The lather and clean is amazing and the scent is divine!…
TM, Comox Valley
I really like the shampoo bar and conditioner bar!
AL, Courtenay
It lathered very nicely. I am finding the smell although pleasant a bit strong. Probably would get unscented next time 🙂 It lathered very nicely, it had good ‘slip’ for detangling and was definitely gentle and somewhat moisturizing.
CVD, Courtenay
Started with my tropical set. I’m very happy with them and look forward to trying the other scent I got too 🙂
KL, Shawnigan Lake
Good morning, just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I’m LOVIN' my shampoo and conditioner.
MJ, Comox Valley
Really liking my shampoo and conditioner
CV, Campbell River
I love this shampoo bar as well as all the scents I have tried so far. I found that just a small dab created an abundance of invigorating clean lather that also smelled divine. So much lather that one can easily wash their entire body with it.
BG, Comox
I used FL**H bars years ago and they dried my hair out so badly. I love both the shampoo and conditioner. No itchies and its actually improving my forehead hairline weird dry patches.
SB, Courtenay
The hubby and I love the shampoo bar
JR, Comox Valley
Yes! Love the bar!
KL, Courtenay
I love the Skin Goop products! Both my daughter and I have very sensitive skin so I ordered unscented shampoo bars. I mailed three of them off to my daughter. She phoned to say thanks and then a week later another call to say that the small bumps she had on her hairline were gone. Great product and makes my hair feel lovely.
JD, Comox
The shampoo bar lathers perfectly for the whole family. I love that she takes care to get the correct ph balance for hair vs skin, not like certain other big companies. Ha hem. So glad I found an eco friendly shampoo and conditioner that fits my criteria of being plastic bottle free and actually works.
DS, Seal Bay
I love your shampoo, my hair says thank you 😍
HR, Winnipeg
I tried the shampoo bar and I LOVE IT!! I was surprised because I have very thin and fine hair and have to be careful with the shampoo i use or it simply strips all the oils away!!! Your shampoo bar left my hair so soft and brought out the golden colors!!! I LOVE IT!!
JR, Merville
Love the shampoo bar and conditioner. My hair and scalp tends to get quite dry with other products but not with Skin Goop. It cleans but leaves my hair still nice and soft (not fizzy nor wirey). I’ve taken them in my travels as I don’t always like the products provided by B&B hosts.
JR, Comox
I got two shampoo bars as a gift and love them so much so I ordered 6 more, this stuff is fantastic and the bars last forever? P.S. The big cheese at Skin Goop is a real sweetie pie as well.
HR, Winnipeg
I’ve started using the shampoo bar as soap now and find I’m much less itchy! Thanks!!!
SH, Winnipeg
I am loving the shampoo bar and conditioner bar both so far. Overall I am finding my hair softer and more manageable. It’s pretty much wash and go now!
HM, Victoria
I have to tell you that I am absolutely obsessed with the shampoo and conditioner bars! I’ve used the lemongrass ’n lavender bars, and my hair has never felt better. It just feels like it’s so healthy and soft and not frizzy at all
AP, Port Alberni
I have been wanting to try a shampoo and conditioner bar for some time to try to decrease my waste but was a bit nervous about the transition as I was worried my hair would end up limp or greasy (not sure where I got this idea?) Anyways, this stuff ROCKS. Such good quality and smells delicious. Definitely recommend!
MG, Cumberland
They were very responsive to my questions and made accommodations for shipping for me. They really went above and beyond for that! I purchased a trial shampoo bar and it was really great! My hair is soft and full after every wash. PLUS, I really loved the idea of putting the bar in a nylon bag. I didn’t purchase one from Skin Goop, but from their suggestion, I made one, and it is a game changer. I have been using shampoo bars for years, but with their suggestion, I really feel like it extends the life of the bar. Thank you!
MY, Montreal
We LOVE this shampoo bar!!!! Hubby and I both used it and loved it!! Rinsed clean, smelled great and hair feels great! My hubby said lots of shampoos make his head itchy but not with your shampoo bar!!
JS, Courtenay
I’ve been using one of the shampoo bars and I’m very impressed with it. I’ve hesitated to try shampoo bars because many shampoos don’t seem to work for my hair but your formula seems to clean very well.
JJ, Black Creek
It is clear that these bars are made from top quality ingredients and they work great. If someone is reading this who is hesitant to try shampoo bars - TRY these!! Your hair will thank you :)
LL, Courtenay

Listen to that! That’s the sound of hair being gently cleaned.

Wet the bar, either IN the bag, or removed from the bag. Rub it over your hair until you think you have enough of a lather ‘going’. Massage your scalp too! Be sure to make horns with your lathery hair. Rinse.

If your hair/scalp is a little oily or you’ve been throwing mud pies around, a repeat of the lather and rinse might be a good idea.

How long will a bar last?

This gorNgeous 🤣 head of short, thick, dense, curly hair gets washed 6 days a week. A shampoo bar, in our net bags, lasts for 60 uses.

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