Lavender buds

Danny the Deinonychus dinosaur won’t let Ginger into the tub o’ lavender buds with him and Frank. What a poopee doopee dinosaur!
If you like lavender, the fragrance of our lavender buds will make you happy!
Mix our culinary lavender buds with black tea or peppermint leaves for a little “sumpin’ sumpin’” to your afternoon tea (ah foe foe foe).
per gram - this works out to $5.00 per cup (sold by mass, not by volume)

Not those kind of buds

Our lavender buds are better than organic, they are NEVER sprayed with ANYthing to harm insects or spiders, ever.

Make your own lavender creations with our wonderful Comox-grown lavender, without the worry of inhaling pesticides every time you take a whiff.


Our very own organic lavender buds

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