Kissy Lips

lip balm (over 13 grams, MORE than 3 styooopid throwaway plastic tubes’ worth)

When it’s time for YOUR shift at the kissing booth, be sure to use Kissy Lips and you will have line-ups over 2 kilometers long (give or take 50 meters, this is just an estimate).

Our lip balms include local, organic, Water Buffalo tallow that more closely matches the fats naturally in our skin than plant oil, or petroleum-derived lip balms. This makes Kissy Lips protect your lips, without a heavy waxy feel.

Our jumbo environmentally-friendly paperboard tubes contain MORE than 3 plastic, throwaway tubes’ worth of Kissy Lips. AND, it is all biodegradable!

Scents available
  • Creamsicle (Orange and vanilla)
  • Coffee
Olive oil*, local, organic Water Buffalo tallow, local beeswax*, cocoa butter, flavor oils *organic

I need to tell you what life saver it has been! It is, of course, amazing for dry lips but I've been sick for the last five or so days and it has been the only thing that has made my poor, sore, dry nose bearable! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please feel free to use this as a testimonial if you have a place where you save those… such great stuff! I just put it on the outside and around my red nose… it has been a life saver!

JMS, Comox Valley

It works great on a chapped nose when you get sick and it doesn’t sting so I wanted to get one or two more so I don’t run out. Your Kissy Lips has been a saviour for my nose. You could market it as a cold aid too, LOL.

WP, Courtenay

I love your products. I will be coming for more. They are solid! Top notch! Smell great & actually preform! I put kissy lips on every morning & night before bed. I’m kind of addicted.

CC, Merville

I tend to use Kissy Lips lip balm before I go to bed. The reason why I like it? My lips dry out when I am sleeping, especially in the winter when the house is a lot more dry. I used to use Carmex, because I liked the tingly feeling I got from it, and it helped, but it never lasts throughout the night. Yours seems to last through the night and so I still have a bit on when I wake up in the morning. I love the smell of the orange creamsicle - smells so yummy! I have the spearmint one in my purse, and use it occasionally when I feel my lips are drying or when I want to smell minty fresh.

SC, Winnipeg

I am impressed with the kissy lips balm. Not greasy like some other name brands and it feels soft.

CK, Winnipeg

Best lip balm ever, in a large, recyclable tube! My lips are soft, and I feel virtuous 😊

AL, Comox

Lip balm is yummy too.

DP, Comox

I love love love the Super Duper Cream and the lip balm!

JS, Comox Valley

Love the kissy lips!

KM, Courtenay

Your creamsicle lip balm is my favourite. Works amazing even on chapped noses.

WLP, Courtenay

Ow, my lips are cracked and bleeding
Look at those sharks & their frenzied feeding.

Also works on a red, raw nose
So much better than a garden hose.

We use beeswax, a very fine thing
From local honey bees, makes ya wanna sing!

What makes Kissy Lips so good for you?
Awesome rich tallow from local buffaloo

Kissy Lips! Kissy Lips! Gimme that stuff!
Coffee, Creamsicle, I can't get enough

Kissy Lips! Kissy Lips! Puts me in bliss
Pucker up, hurry up! Give us a kiss!

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