Dish bar

Here is the bar in 2 separate poses:

  • In its native habitat, a mesh bag. It can be used IN the bag itself, like a tea bag. Storing it in the mesh bag between uses ensures it will dry nicely, as it should, between uses
  • Naked, on a soap dish. Some people prefer to use a dish brush to apply the soap to dishes. A well-draining soap dish is needed, so the bar doesn’t get mushy.

“Danny the Deinonychus dinosaur loves washing dishes with Skin Goop’s dish bar!”

A handy tea-cup hook stores your dish bar between uses, along with a handy container underneath to catch the drippings (use the drippings for washing).
Available as a single bar, or pack of 3 (wrapped in used paper)
If you don’t have a hook to hang it (to dry), use a jar (as in the photo)
approx. 70g bar
pack of 3 bars
nylon bag

Yet another Skin Goop product that does away with plastic bottles.

Lots of bubbles, good cleaning, lightly scented.

Dip like a tea bag under running hot water as you’re filling the sink. Need more cleaning power? Run more hot water over the bar. Watch the video below to see it in action.

Allow the bar to dry between uses.

Fragrances available

  • Unfragranced


Our house blend of 6 (that’s right, 6!) coconut-derived surfactants, glycerin.
I have done countless dishes (thanks kids) during this period of self isolation. I’ve used both conventional Dawn dish soap as well as yours. I can’t tell the difference in the quality of cleaning the dishes! I’m very impressed as most “green” dish soaps we’ve tried in the past have done a lousy job. I very much enjoy using less plastic packaging and knowing that these contain less harsh ingredients!
SH, Winnipeg
GUYS! Skin Goop is awesome! I’m loving the dish blocks. So sudsy!! Local, no plastic, and great prices! Highly recommended ⭐
SH, Cumberland
We are using the dish bar and looooving it. Well the cleaning power, it is easily the most effective dish soap I’ve ever used. And my husband made a point to compliment it too, and he rarely has much to say about dish soap. So a big success in our house.
SR, Comox
I have been using the dish bar and frankly I was pleasantly surprised how sudsy it is. It actually out sudsed my usual liquid plant-based dish soap, by a long shot.
JW, Comox
I have been using the dish bar and frankly I was pleasantly surprised how sudsy it is. I have been using it on the hand wash items, and after doing baking to clear the mess up right away, and the dish bar is hardcore!! Those are the messiest dishes I have by far, and it really does leave them squeaky clean. When I soaked a pot, using the dish bar, (a pot that I may have forgotten about overnight), it lifted off the gunk easily! I am really happy with the dish bar…I truly am. I will be a customer for sure!!! Thanks for taking the time to make amazing products, and for really putting the effort into making them so great!!
MH, Comox
I love it. My husband said it seems fine but he wishes there was a different way to get the soap in the water because he’s been using hot water and holding his hand under it is uncomfortable. We dealt with that. I am blown away how much it can wash, even greasy stuff.
KC, Comox
I am using it and honestly there’s nothing yet I don’t like about it. I’ll buy it again and again!
MW, Courtenay
Good suds, good staying power, clean dishes. I would prefer scent free, but otherwise I’m very pleased.
KW, Courtenay
I got the chance to try one of your dish soap bars and I am in LOVE! Do you by chance have any more, or are making any more? You made a fantastic product and I would love to buy one or two more if you have them! Thanks so much!
KP, Comox
I have been enjoying many aspects of the dish bar. It seems to be working well, and I am particularly fond of the smell. Hey, that kind of rhymes!
TT, Comox
Okay, I love your dish bar. It’s fabsudlous. Does what I want it to do and more. Long lasting and very sudsy. I will definitely buy again. Thank you.
SO, Comox Valley

Using the dish bars with a mesh bag

Look at those suds, getting ready to clean your dishes!

With the dish bar in the nylon bag, run hot water over it until you have enough suds. Now add cold water, so you don’t scald yourself.

The dish bar can be in a container (like in the video) for easier suds application into the sink.

Don’t forget to have a container under the dish bar to catch drips between uses.

Using the dish bars with a plastic sieve

With the dish bar in the plastic sieve, run hot water over it until you have enough suds. Now add cold water, so you don’t scald yourself.

Use the dish bar drippings that collect in the lower container next time you wash dishes.

Creating a dish bar sieve set

Make a dish bar sieve with 2 plastic containers. One should be taller than the other for best results. Use a drill or even just a nail to make at least 8 holes in the shorter plastic container. This will be your dish bar sieve. It will be stored on top of the lower, taller container. Do NOT injure yourself, golly.


  1. Hold the “sieve” with the dish bar in it, over the kitchen sink. Be sure the stopper is in place! Run hot water OVER the dish bar in the sieve, then run some cold water over the dish bar so the water in the sink isn’t too hot. You can repeat this step when the water cools off or when the bubbles have disappeared, or are mostly gone.

  2. The dish bar sieve sits on top of the taller container near the sink between dish washing events. Use the dish bar drippings that collect in the lower container next time you wash dishes.

Comparing our dish bar with liquid dish soap

Comparing our dish bar with liquid dish soap (no audio until the end)

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