Stick with enzyme
Refill (for our stick containers) with enzyme

Use our deodorant and you will finally be able to throw kisses and wave at your fans without fear of knocking them over with your natural scent!

Available in two scent varieties made with essential/fragrance oil blends to help cover up any unpleasant aromas.

The yeast extract provides additional natural deodorizing power.

Sticks and refills are a whopping 75 grams!

Scents available
  • Spicy (tea tree essential oil, peppermint essential oil, dragon's blood fragrance oil, patchouli/cedarwood/cinnamon essential oil blend)
  • Citrus (rose petals fragrance oil, patchouli/cedarwood/cinnamon essential oil blend, lemongrass essential oil, lavender essential oil))
Propanediol, dipropylene glycol, water, sodium stearate, witch hazel, isopropyl myristate, blend of essential/fragrance oils, polysorbate 80 Yeast addition from the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

The deodorant is amazing! It only needs to be applied once in a day and I feel it controls odors and even doesn't allow for as much perspiration as other deodorants.

ML, Black Creek

I'm in love with the deodorant, very nice smelling and works great! (on a hot August afternoon)

LHT, Cumberland

The deodorant is great, he doesn’t have any itching or red bumps (as with store-bought deodorants) and it smells great. It was easy to pour into (my own deodorant) container.

DM, Comox Valley

I'm really loving this deodorant!

DS, Comox

I have a drawer full of department store bought deodorants none has worked as well as yours. I couldn't be happier and more relieved. Love the smell lasts all day. I'll be back for refills.

CE, Comox

It works great for my son. He really enjoys the smell.

SA, Comox

I quite like it!! Thanks for such a great product!

JB, Comox Valley

I like it!! Better than any other natural ones I've tried so far! I do like the boyz one a bit better!

KW, Courtenay

As far as the deodorant, it’s working fantastically. Far less stinky than I used to be which = more friends.

SL, Cumberland

Used the deodorant on my 12 hour shift yesterday and no stink! Yeah!!

DP, Comox

Deodorant is a hit! Gave the guyz scent to my sister and she is really enjoying it.

JS, Comox Valley

Simply put, your deodorant is the only one that’s ever worked for me! It truly deodorizes while still allowing me to sweat. My hubby loves it too

SR, Comox

The deodorant refill went off without a hitch. So happy to have our pits stink-free once more 👍 thanks.

SM, Comox

It's refreshing to know that I can purchase a healthy choice deodorant. Thank you for providing this 1st class product that smells absolutely energizing and works!

BG, Comox

I love how smoothly it applies!!! I HATE the gloopy coconut oily shea butter style deo. Balls up and gets all gross.

SB, Courtenay

The deodorant works and smells so good I wanna eat it.

DS, Seal Bay

Your deodorant sticks last twice as long as those in the stores. I love it.

WP, Courtenay

My hubby and I both agree that after a full day, as well as working out, your deodorant is very effective. No BO. The Tom's variety is not holding up as well. Yay! ❤

TT, Comox

I love your creamsicle deodorant!!! Works awesome and smells yummy!!! I love everything in your creamsicle line❤️

WLP, Courtenay

I don't even stink after a hard workout… even though I am soaked with sweat.

LG, Courtenay

That deodorant I got from you is ****amazing**!! Virtuous and effective!!! I could probably run out of soap and not gas everybody, lol

AL, Comox

When I think of times that I have stunk,
And was mistaken for a skunk,
I cannot help but utter a cry,

Over something that I did not buy! 😭
But all’s not lost, I’m happy to tell,
I’ve found a way to stop the smell,
Skin Goop deodorant (for you) and me!

Apply to the pits, and you’ll say “Hee hee!
Toodloo you stench and aroma most foul!
Now, open the door so I may howl!”

Putting the ready-to-use refill into your empty, clean, Skin Goop deodorant stick container.

Your used Skin Goop deodorant stick container is very easy to wash in warm, soapy water. An old tooth brush is GREAT for cleaning inside and making sure the oval base plate (which moves the gel in the stick container) is clean of deodorant residue. This is important so ALL of the refill puck will fit into the stick container. Let the cleaned container dry before filling it.

Put your cleaned deodorant stick into a pot or such with a towel snugged around the stick, to hold it firmly so it will not move when you are filling it.

Transfer the deodorant refill puck into a microwavable container. A soup spoon works very well for this. Microwave in 10 second bursts, ONLY until the puck is completely melted, no more.

Transfer the deodorant puck into a small metal pot. A soup spoon works very well for this. Heat on low ONLY until the puck is completely melted, no more.


Pour the melted deodorant into the empty stick. Let it sit undisturbed until the deodorant has hardened, about an hour, at room temperature. When it’s completely cool, put the cap on.


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