Da Bomb Cream

Did you know that by buying this product, you are helping us divert Water Buffalo fat from the landfill? In the landfill it would undergo anaerobic decomposition releasing methane, a greenhouse gas that is estimated to be 25-30 times WORSE than carbon dioxide for climate change. Of course first we convert the fat into usable tallow, and use the tallow in some products, NOT straight fat (that would be icky).
50mL amber glass jar

A thick cream for dry skin. After about 5 minutes, you will think you’re going to EXPLODE with delight at how Da Bomb makes your skin feel. It is nicely absorbed into the top layer of your skin. No need to use a lot, this is a delightfully rich cream.

Approved by dog-mangled Parasaurolophus and intact Deinonychus dinosaurs, and THEY sure didn’t have silky smooth skin, till they started using Da Bomb! 🤪

Featuring wonderful upcycled 😁 local, Water Buffalo tallow, local beeswax and lanolin.

The glass jars are refillable after a thorough wash and sanitizing (a new lid is provided for safety reasons).

Fragrances available
  • Creamsicle: A mix of orange and vanilla
  • Satsuma: Replica of Body Shop's satsuma. A nice blend of mandarin, bergamot, and exotic fruits
Water, water buffalo tallow*†, sunflower oil*, emulsifier, glycerin, brassica alcohol, lanolin, sodium lactate, Cannabis sativa butter, essential/fragrance oils, castor bean oil, beeswax†, allantoin, preservative, xanthan gum, sodium phytate *=organic, †=local
This cream is amazing! I was a bit apprehensive about how well this cream would absorb when I first tried it. The consistency is very thick, and for the first couple of minutes after applying it, there was a slight ‘oily’ feel to my skin. But just a few more minutes and WOW! That ‘oil’ is absorbed and my skin just feels soft and smooth. The scent is delicious and brings back summer memories of Creamsicles.
KC, Comox
Love this product! Worked wonders on my cracked cuticles…it is gardening season. My granddaughters hands raw and painful - likely from the necessary frequent use of hand sanitizer and lots of hand washing, after trying Da Bomb she asked if she could take it home. Not greasy or sticky- absorbs well, feels good and works great!
CS, Courtenay
This is like an even creamier version of the Something Special Lotion. I love the creamsicle scent.
AB, Comox
This cream is amazing! Not only does it smell so yummy, it also gets rid of my cracked heels. I rub this into my feet and hands, every morning and night, and I don’t have any cracked heels and my hands don’t dry as much in the colder weather.
KD, Comox
It was thicker than I expected, but the smell was amazing! I probably wouldn’t use it on my face regularly because of the thickness but it was so smooth and non greasy that it’s perfect for legs, elbows, hands etc.
DP, Royston
Awe man, Da Bomb cream feels amazing! I’ve been using a little bit most days since getting it. So hydrating but doesn’t feel oily. I love it!
TH, Courtenay
After 10 mins, the cream is well absorbed and hands feel soft and moisture-nourished. I love it’s thick creamy rich texture, the orange-sickle smell and an after-feel that subtle and not greasy at all.
CV, Comox
This cream feels like a dream. Non-greasy, buttery soft. My dried out hands feel smooth and I even put it on my face for overnight. My skin is pretty sensitive and is LOVING this. So glad to find a local cream I love!
EB, Merville
I have very harsh dry skin in some spots on my face and the cream made that area feel soft and supple within minutes.
SG, Courtenay
It is a great product! I am happy to support a local skin cream manufacturer.
JM, Comox
Oh my oh my oh my what an amazing thing you make!!!!
EM, Courtenay

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