Ordering our products

We often get this question: “How do I order from you?” Our IT guy is slow building our ordering page, so we’ll just tell you how to order our products for now.

We need to know the products you’d like and the scent desired (and size in the case of some products). Send us an email (at skingoop@gmail.com) with your desired products, and we’ll email you back with the total. E-Transfer us the amount, and we’ll send out your product (or leave it in the handy Box By The Front Door(tm) for pickup).

An example order

KISSY LIPS Coffee x 2 Watermelon x 1

SOAP Lavender x 3 Creamsicle x 1


TALC 1 bottle

SHAMPOO BARS UNscented x 2 Comox Rain x 3

SOMETHING SPECIAL LOTION Creamiscle 250 mls x 1 Lemongrass ’n Lavender 125 mls. x 2

Thank you. Now to go kick our IT guy again.

For more information—or to place an order—click the Contact us button: