Ordering our products

Since we do NOT have a shopping cart, for many reasons, please follow the example below.

  • E-mail your order to skingoop@gmail.com.
  • We will let you know the total of your order.
  • E-transfer the amount due.
  • We will make arrangements with you for YOU to pick-up, or WE drop-off or mailing (whichever is suitable).
We need to know
  • Item(s) you want
  • Scent or flavor (if applicable)
  • Size (if applicable)
  • # of each in the scent/size you chose
An example order

KISSY LIPS Coffee x 2 Watermelon x 1

SOAP Lavender x 3 Creamsicle x 1


TALC 1 bottle

SHAMPOO BARS UNfragranced x 2 Comox Rain x 3

SOMETHING SPECIAL LOTION Creamiscle 250 mls x 1 Lemongrass ’n Lavender 125 mls. x 2

Thank you.

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