Making soap

  • By Skin Goop
  • 12 Jan, 2020

Spring and summer mean soap-making!

Notice that our crack Goopist is talented enough to be working on two batches of soap at the same time.

AssTounding! Someone call Guinness Records!

Making hot-process soap

Once the soap is cooked, we’re ready to add scent to it.

Ready for scenting

Adding our lavender buds to our lavender soaps.

Now is not the time to tickle the soaper. 🙂

Adding lavender buds

Passive drying of fresh, native rose petals yields beautiful speckles in our Soft Rose soap.

Drying rose petals

The scented soaps are then put into molds.

Putting the soap in molds

Once in the molds, we let the soap cool off before pushing it out of the tube molds. After a few days, we cut the soap into handy rounds.

Soap in molds

Letting the soaps dry for a few weeks ensures a harder, longer-lasting bar of soap. Magnifique!

The soap-drying area smells so good!!

Drying the soap

We grate some of our soap to make our wonderful hard-surface cleaner: Citrus Scrubby Soap.

Hammie the boss once mistook the grated soap for cheese. Only once. He did not want to be photgraphed after that faux pas.

Soap flakes

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