Making our products

  • By Skin Goop
  • 01 Jan, 2020

Book learning
We don't just slap a few ingredients together and put a label on it. Every one of our products starts with our crack team of Goopists learning about skin and hair. We select ingredients that actually help, not the current trendy ones that you often see advertised on labels. Even truly functional ingredients are added by some companies in useless, tiny amounts just for ‘label appeal’. Tsk, tsk.

We carefully design and test each product to suit most people.

Looking for a miracle to reduce signs of aging? Just dim the lights. 😉

Goofing off
Ya know, we're not all work and study. We take some time to enjoy ourselves…even if Hammie the boss sometimes disapproves. Oh oh!

Management steps in
Occasionally, management does need to step in and enforce a little discipline.

Hammie the boss mostly squeaks and waves the spurtle menacingly. No Goopists were hurt…they just got frightened.

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