Answers to assorted questions

We don’t have a FAQs page because sometimes the FAQ are borrrrrrrrrring. If you have questions that are not answered HERE, please send your query to:

Right here! Turn your head to the left, I’m waving. No? How about to the right? Still can’t see us? Hmm. Skin Goop is in Comox, BC, Canada.
They cost money, and that would mean prices would have to increase. This might lead to much wailing and the gnashing of teeth 🥺. Just hit the CONTACT button at the top of the page, and send us a list of what you’d like, according to the availability currently on the web-site.
Well, golly. Are you asking about a species from an African or European country?

Yep. Canada Post has neat flat rate boxes that range in price from $18.89 to $31.49, maximum of 5 kgs. The $18.89 box can be filled with 24 bars of soap. Please look at the 2 photos that show this box, with an assortment of products on top, for scale. Danny the Deinonychus dinosaur wanted to get in the photo, but he will NOT be mailed to anyone. He lives with us keeping nasty goblins away. Thanks Danny!

Here’s the link to the flat rate boxes with current prices, in case Canada Post is being trixy, and they’ve changed the prices WITHOUT telling us.

All this can be yours!
Danny protecting the shipping box
It is the rendered and cleaned fat from local Bison and Water Buffalo. It is a very rich moisturizer.

Although it takes a very long time to render and clean the fat to yield tallow, we do this because otherwise the fat is NOT used, and is discarded. What a tragic waste! The resulting tallow creates wonderful products, beacuse it more closely matches the lipids we have in our own skin (versus plant oils). We humans are animals, not plants. Plus, it is made from a local source - the farms are within 30km from Skin Goop.

PLUS we are diverting the fat from the landfill where it would undergo anaerobic decomposition, creating methane. Methane is a 25 - 30 times stronger greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide is.

You forgot to let your parents/guardian(s) know you’re expecting the Tooth Fairy to visit.
We like to re-use materials when they’re available (such as these pieces cut from a pasta bag) to wrap our shampoo, conditioner and shamPOOCH bars. Buying new things means higher prices for you. 😞 Re-using packing paper and using plain paper made from post-consumer fibers protects these products well enough and paper is easily recycled almost everywhere now (Yay!) Our customers are also smarter (and better looking) than those who are attracted to shiny, sparkly, over-wrapped products, right? Right!
Wrapping a ShamPOOCH
It is because no one wants cooties in skin lotion or skin cream, that’s why. (Also, because we care about your health)
OMG, that’s like soooooo 2000s! We won’t dignify that with a response.
E-transfers are fantastic, cash is good, dubloons are not as convenient. We no longer accept Canadian Tire money 🤪. Gold coins are frowned upon since we gave up our pirate lifestyle recently……arrrrrr.