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* Have you seen products claiming to have won awards? Really? They’ve won awards, have they? Come onnn! I KNOW Skin Goop has won the Super-duper award because it was created in-house and presented here. Ta da!
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Just a few of the things our customers have to say about our products (see each product for more)
My mom just picked up some of your products and they are amazing!
TB, Comox
The creams and soaps are lovely and the scented ones smell good enough to eat.
BM, Comox
My wife loved the lavender soap, sachet and lavender talc!
WK, Campbell River
My wife was absolutely thrilled and over the moon with all the lavender products.
JW, Courtenay
I don't know what I'd do if you stopped making your products!
LV, Campbell River
Your products ROCK!
JS, Comox Valley
Everyone should buy this stuff, cuz you get to go to her house and use the uber cool door knocker, but also cuz it’s good.
DS, Seal Bay
All soaps Lavender soap Lemongrass and Lavender soap Spearmint soap Creamsicle soap Vanilla Latte soap
Made from: local organic water buffalo tallow, coconut oil, olive oil, soybean oil, essential/fragrance oils
The orange creamsicle soap smells amazing!
SH, Winnipeg
We love the soap, not only the lavender scent, but it is wonderful on your hair.
IG, Royston
I used SkinGoop soaps I had been given as a gift and was very pleased -- the soap had a light perfume nothing too heavy and felt very good on my skin --will purchase from this site.
KG, Comox
I have purchased several heart-shaped bars of soap to give as gifts. These locally-made soaps have been appreciated by the recipients.
NLOT, Comox
Soap is a really good consistency, doesn't melt too fast, cleans, not over-powering scent. All good.
LS, Comox
I don't like, I LOVE your soaps!!
DM, Comox Valley
The soap is wonderful and smells fantastic.
CE, Comox
I really like the exfoliation feeling. I love the smell too, it’s wonderful. (on our Vanilla Latte soap)
AL, Courtenay
We have tried the soaps. I use the lavender on my baby, and my wife, and I have been using the coffee soap. They are both really nice!!! Lots of suds!!!
RM, Courtenay
Used the lemon grass and lavender soap and Swell Cream in am. Both very nice. I have very dry skin. But these certainly made things better
CJ, Courtenay
I absolutely love the fresh, clean fragrances together with the abundance of lather. I recommend using a soap puff when using these won't regret the uplifting exfoliating/scent experience!
BG, Comox
I love your soaps. Have not bought bodywash since using them.
MF, Comox Valley
I use the soap on my face and body and it doesn't dry up my skin. Love the natural products in the soap too.
JR, Comox
Love the creamsicle and how long the soap lasts without turning into a slimy lump! I LOVE tallow and now see why it was traditionally used for soap and lotions.
VM, Comox

Got dirty hands and stinky feet?
Skin Goop soaps just can't be beat!

Soft Rose, Lilac, Creamsicle too!
Wash with these, clean away that goo.

Our lavender soap has lavender buds,
Did you know ruminants chew their cuds?!*

There's also soap that smells like lily,
If you no likee, you're just plain silly!😜

Lavender 'n Lemongrass is oh-so-great!
It'll make you want to roller skate!

If you like flowers, you'll like Gardenia,
Put on a hat and go to Sardinia.

Coffee & vanilla is the newest sensation,
Wash with this for instant elation.

Skin Goop soaps will clean your body,
But if you like dirty, then you are naughty!

*Cuds is incorrect since cud is already plural. Please allow for ‘poetic license’ here 😆

Shampoo and conditioner bars bars in shower pH balanced for your skin and hair
Ingredients: Our house blend of 5 gentle, coconut-derived surfactants, essential/fragrance oils, sodium lactate, cetyl alcohol, stearic acid, citric acid (to attain the proper pH for human hair). PRESERVATIVES NOT NEEDED.

We DO NOT add oils or butters to OUR shampoo bars because a shampoo is meant to CLEAN your hair, not add oil to it, golly!
I was involved in the selling & manufacturing of a shampoo & conditioner line in the 1980’s. I love these shampoo bars. I know quality when I use it.
SF, Courtenay
I wanted to let you know that I used your shampoo bar sample and I loved it. I'm a self proclaimed hair product snob (due to having curly hair and working for years in the professional hair products industry). The bar is amazing.
Hair product snob, Courtenay
I washed my hair as you suggested, comparing your shampoo bar to the L**H bar when my hair was greasy. And both both bars cleaned my hair well and both lathered. I would say yours left mine feeling more conditioned and the L**H bar had a stripping feeling - it was slight. Your bar seems to hold together better and not be mushy. The L**H bar drips a lot when using, and after, gets a bit mushy.
LS, Comox
I've tried many conventional, commercial shampoo products all with similar results; a dry itchy scalp. I started using the shampoo bars last year and they are fantastic! No more itchy scalp! And my hair isn't as oily as before so I don't even need to wash it as often.
SH, Winnipeg
It's fantastic! And super sudsy!
JS, Comox Valley
The shampoo bars are easy to use (easy to grab & lather, than open a bottle), leave my hair clean and not loaded down with residue. And I LOVE that they are low waste - no bottles to recycle! I store them in a tiny tin when traveling - compact and easy to pack.
SR, Comox
The scented Shampoo Bars have been teasing my nose since I bought it!
Lately, I've been finding that Some scents are bothersome to my nose - if artificial. But the scents in these bars make me feel like I should be sipping a frosty, frothy umbrella drink! It smells Beautiful! The conditioner bar sample really compliments the scent too, and made for a lovely experience for my nose!
I was impressed at how little a froth (from the shampoo) that I needed to use for my mid-length hair (the bargain brand we bought previously, I won't name it - but it takes far too many dollops to even feel like it's doing any work.)
The Unscented bar is surely nose friendly, and Does kinda 'smell like' an unscented tealight.
PS. My hair genuinely feels clean, and not coated with whatever substances might be left behind from store brand bottled stuff....and it seems to be nice and gentle on my scalp as well, which is crucial; this cold crisp weather isn't kind to my skin...
MS, Comox Valley
Best shampoo bar ever! Leaves your hair clean, suds up easily.
DFP, Comox
I have used both bars and LOVE them! Not only do they leave my hair feeling clean and soft, but they make the whole bathroom smell like a tropical getaway 😊
BW, Courtenay
I have long thick hair and bought the island escape poo + conditioner bar. They lather amazingly and I need very little to get my hair clean and soft! Will never buy bottled shampoo again 😊 Oh and my daughter has dry scalp and the conditioner bar is doing wonders! Highly recommend these products!
MS, Courtenay
I bought both the shampoo and the conditioner bars and love them! ❤️ I’ve been spreading the word. I don’t think I’ll ever use anything else now lol.
KM, Comox Valley
Love the ‘poo bars. The lather and clean is amazing and the scent is divine!…
TM, Comox Valley
I really like the shampoo bar and conditioner bar!
AL, Courtenay
It lathered very nicely. I am finding the smell although pleasant a bit strong. Probably would get unscented next time 🙂 It lathered very nicely, it had good ‘slip’ for detangling and was definitely gentle and somewhat moisturizing.
CVD, Courtenay
Started with my tropical set. I’m very happy with them and look forward to trying the other scent I got too 🙂
KL, Shawnigan Lake
Good morning, just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I'm LOVIN' my shampoo and conditioner.
MJ, Comox Valley
Really liking my shampoo and conditioner
CV, Campbell River
I love this shampoo bar as well as all the scents I have tried so far. I found that just a small dab created an abundance of invigorating clean lather that also smelled divine. So much lather that one can easily wash their entire body with it.
BG, Comox
I used FL**H bars years ago and they dried my hair out so badly. I love both the shampoo and conditioner. No itchies and its actually improving my forehead hairline weird dry patches.
SB, Courtenay
The hubby and I love the shampoo bar
JR, Comox Valley
Yes! Love the bar!
KL, Courtenay
I love the Skin Goop products! Both my daughter and I have very sensitive skin so I ordered UNscented shampoo bars. I mailed three of them off to my daughter. She phoned to say thanks and then a week later another call to say that the small bumps she had on her hairline were gone. Great product and makes my hair feel lovely.
JD, Comox
The shampoo bar lathers perfectly for the whole family. I love that she takes care to get the correct ph balance for hair vs skin, not like certain other big companies. Ha hem.
So glad I found an eco friendly shampoo and conditioner that fits my criteria of being plastic bottle free and actually works.
DS, Seal Bay
I gave Bruno a bath with the ShamPOOCH and his hair is very soft and silky and no tangling when I brushed him. Love it. I totally recommend ShamPOOCH!
LC, Comox
I love your shampoo, my hair says thank you 😍
HR, Winnipeg
I tried the shampoo bar and I LOVE IT!! I was surprised because I have very thin and fine hair and have to be careful with the shampoo i use or it simply strips all the oils away!!! Your shampoo bar left my hair so soft and brought out the golden colors!!! I LOVE IT!!
JR, Merville
Love the shampoo bar and conditioner. My hair and scalp tends to get quite dry with other products but not with Skin Goop. It cleans but leaves my hair still nice and soft (not fizzy nor wirey). I've taken them in my travels as I don't always like the products provided by B&B hosts.
JR, Comox
I got two shampoo bars as a gift and love them so much so I ordered 6 more, this stuff is fantastic and the bars last forever? P.S. The big cheese at Skin Goop is a real sweetie pie as well.
HR, Winnipeg
I’ve started using the shampoo bar as soap now and find I’m much less itchy! Thanks!!!
SH, Winnipeg

Listen to that! That’s the sound of hair being gently cleaned.

Wet the bar, either IN the bag, or removed from the bag. Rub it over your hair until you think you have enough of a lather ‘going’. Massage your scalp too! Be sure to make horns with your lathery hair. Rinse.

If your hair/scalp is a little oily or you’ve been throwing mud pies around, a repeat of the lather and rinse might be a good idea.


How long will a bar last?

This gorNgeous 🤣 head of short, thick, dense, curly hair gets washed 6 days a week. A shampoo bar, in our net bags, lasts for 60 uses.
Shampoo and conditioner bars
Ingredients: Our house blend of 3 plant-based conditioners, cetyl alcohol, Water Buffalo tallow (local and organic), cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, essential/fragrance oils. PRESERVATIVES NOT NEEDED.
My hair has never been this soft! Ugh you're a genius.
MS, Comox Valley
I have used both bars and LOVE them! Not only do they leave my hair feeling clean and soft, but they make the whole bathroom smell like a tropical getaway 😊
BW, Courtenay
I have long thick hair and bought the island escape poo + conditioner bar. They lather amazingly and I need very little to get my hair clean and soft! Will never buy bottled shampoo again 😊 Oh and my daughter has dry scalp and the conditioner bar is doing wonders! Highly recommend these products!
MS, Courtenay
I bought both the shampoo and the conditioner bars and love them! ❤️ I’ve been spreading the word. I don’t think I’ll ever use anything else now lol.
KM, Comox Valley
I really like the shampoo bar and conditioner bar!
AL, Courtenay
Started with my tropical set. I’m very happy with them and look forward to trying the other scent I got too 🙂
KL, Shawnigan Lake
Good morning, just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I'm LOVIN' my shampoo and conditioner.
MJ, Comox Valley
Really liking my shampoo and conditioner
CV, Campbell River
Because my hair is very fine I was initially reluctant to try this conditioner, especially with Water Buffalo Tallow. However, I was quite surprised with the results as my hair turned out shiny clean with no residue build-up or oily film whatsoever.
BG, Comox
Most times, I would never apply conditioner to my scalp. But yours makes it not itchy! I have very dry scalp and hair. I get psoriasis flare ups several times a year. It’s worse in fall/winter. Small sores even if I’m not scratching. The conditioner seems to coat my scalp and keep it happy.
I've been using the shampoo bar and conditioner bar for a few weeks now and there hasn't been any outbreaks of sores, and the really dry areas in my front hairline are healing up nicely.
I think the trick is to keep my scalp nice and happy with a good layer of the conditioner bar. Even though its scented (which I usually avoid like the plague), it doesn't seem to irritate.
Honestly, I love how decluttered my bath tub is now that the shampoo bottles are gone. We've always been bar soap people, so all I have left on the tub edge is bar soap on its drying dish, my facewash and the bars hanging up out of the water. It’s pretty glorious. Gives the kids more surface to play.
SB, Courtenay

Apply the bar in a combing motion over your wet hair, concentrating on the ends. Run your fingers repeatedly through your hair to distribute the conditioner. Leave it on while you wash the rest of yourself. Rinse off, leaving behind as much conditioner as your hair needs.

Notice that the conditioner is not applied to the scalp much. It’s the ends of the hairs that suffer the most abuse from combing, brushing, drying, towelling, and being subjected to terrible movies.


How long will a bar last?

This stupendous head of short, thick, dense, curly hair gets conditioned 6 days a week. A condtioner bar, in our net bags, lasts for 106 uses.
ShamPOOCH bar pH-balanced Ivy Lucky Bulldogs Pickle Chewy Leia Roxie Rover
Ingredients: Our house blend of 4 gentle, coconut-derived surfactants, sodium lactate, cetyl alcohol, glycerin, plant-based conditioner, stearic acid, our own lavender essential oil, Illite clay, sodium hydroxide (to attain the proper pH for a dog’s skin). PRESERVATIVES NOT NEEDED.

We use 3 humectants in our ShamPOOCH because a dog’s skin is more sensitive than most human’s scalp or skin.
My mom bathed her dog Cindy, ShamPOOCH smells nice and she came out really white (brightens her white colour)
LS, Comox
The dogs feel so soft!!! That ShamPOOCH is literally the best we have ever used
PS, Comox Valley
Was impressed with how well the dog shampoo sudds up.
CV, Campbell River
It’s worked wonders for Sparky and my mom's dog!
LS, Comox
I just bathed Snookums using your ShamPOOCH and it's very good. Her fur looks great!
IG, Royston
My dogglets smell great after their bath. The bar was so much easier to apply than fighting gravity with a liquid on all the underneath bits! I will let you know how these two, and their notoriously sensitive skin do. 3 days after their bath with ShamPOOCH: No itchy mutts and on day 3 they still smell nice 😊
Tigger & Diva, Courtenay
Brian (the ShamPOOCH technician 😆) said the ShamPOOCH lathered up nicely and smelled very nice.
DMB, Comox
Also lathered and cleaned well on my lab. It cleans well for sure. I's just prefer more scent.
CJ, Courtenay
I right liked the ShamPooch. My old boy has skin issues and your bar left his skin nice and soft and he didn’t scratch at all after his bath, I will most definitely getting some more.
BT, Comox Valley
I highly recommend using Shampooch, Roxy is eight years old this is our first time using a natural healthy alternative product not full of chemicals and purchased from a pet store, this is by far the best she has ever looked and smelled! Very easy to use bar. I love love love it! 🐾🐾 Two paws up for this product!🐶
TL, Campbell River
Pickle may not love the process but the product worked great! Used it for three baths so far. I’m a convert!
SD, Royston
I like the ShamPOOCH, it worked well. My dog’s fur is nice and shiny.
CS, Comox Valley
I finally got around to trying your dog shampoo. I liked it. It lathered up nicely and rinsed well. And she smells like a clean dog, but not a perfumed dog. And her coat is silky and soft. A+ product.
BB, Comox Valley
I washed my girl Marley yesterday with the ShamPOOCH bar. She smells amazing and her fur is so soft. She was very dirty yesterday digging rolling in dirt, but now her coat is amazing. A big hug!
LJ, Summerland
The ShamPOOCH is just awesome! I have used it many times on my overly-enthused-about-dead-fishies pug and it works perfect....I appreciate how easy it is to shampoo with one hand when the other is busy trying to hold down the squirm monster. 🙂. Love it!
SB, Comox
The dogs come out sparkling after a scrub with your ShamPOOCH & no after bath itch.
CC, Merville
Super Duper Cream
Ingredients: water, MIX of: (sunflower oil*, apricot kernel oil*, hemp butter, sunflower lecithin*, castor bean oil*, wheat germ oil*, lanolin, beeswax*), bison tallow*, emulsifier, plant-derived humectant, stearic acid, sodium lactate, essential/fragrance oils, allantoin, preservative, xanthan gum, sodium phytate *organic

Why do we call Super Duper Cream 'super'? Because of results like these.

C.K. - using Super Duper Cream on her hands

I've used prescription cream in the past, and while I got results, I often had relapses (so to speak) because the Rx cream has a petroleum base (like Vaseline) which caused my skin to itch. I'd scratch and undo some of the healing. The Rx cream wasn't a good fit. I've also tried otc creams advertised to work on skin suffering from eczema but those various creams could also sometimes be too greasy - causing itchiness."

Finger before and after

CK finger - before & after

I’ve never used a better cream than your Super Duper Cream. They repaired my skin. You knocked it out of the park!
CC, Merville
I like the consistency of this cream because it stays where I put it and soaks in, without leaving a film.
LS, Comox
Seeing as I have dry skin on my face, I use Super Duper Cream at night. My husband uses it on itchy areas of his back. My daugther uses it for excema on her four year-old son, also on sensitive areas of skin.
IG, Royston
My husband uses it as a moisturizer on his heels and feet and he loves it too!
Apple Lady, Comox
I use the Super Duper Cream on my kid's dry, sensitive skin during the winter. It does a great job getting rid of the dry, red chapped hands and cheeks. He really likes the creamsicle scent too!
SH, Winnipeg
I use Super Duper Cream on my face and arms 2 or 3 times a day as I have very dry skin and it is a great moisturizer!
Apple Lady, Comox
I have enjoyed using the Super Duper Cream on my face for the past eight months. It keeps my skin soft and moisturized and I am comforted by the fact that it is made from locally-sourced natural products.
NLOT, Comox
Your cream, was soft and felt "smooth" and absorbed quickly which prevented that greasy feeling. My hands felt moisturized without itchiness. I am impressed with how it worked.
CK, Winnipeg
Super Duper Cream makes my skin so soft and I find that my eczema is not not itchy when using the cream.
LL, Comox
I loooove the Super Duper Cream and will be in touch for more!
KL, Comox Valley
The Super Duper Cream healed my raw thumb in only two applications! Amazeballs!
LC, Sointula
I've tried many, many creams and Super Duper Cream lasts the whole day; I don’t need to reapply it or carry cream in my purse.
LV, Campbell River
I love love love the Super Duper Cream and the lip balm!
JS, Comox Valley
Feels great on my face. Such dry skin and this stuff works great. This is nice all over, like a body butter.
CJ, Courtenay
I really love the smell of Super Duper Cream, it smells like orange creamsicle. My skin feels soft and the smell lasts a long time, so good! I recommended you try this amazing cream.
LJ, Summerland
I love the Super Duper Cream! I've been using it as an evening face moisturizer. It feels great and smells delicious!
JL, Comox
Swell cream
Ingredients: water, water buffalo tallow*, sunflower seed oil*, emulsifier, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, sodium lactate, lecithin, lanolin, essential/fragrance oils, allantoin, preservative, xanthan gum, sodium phytate *organic
Used the lemon grass and lavender soap and Swell Cream in am. Both very nice. I have very dry skin. But these certainly made things better
CJ, Courtenay
OMG the swell cream!!! I love it. Best stuff I’ve ever used. I’m not one to consistently do anything, I’m pretty much a squirrel and get easily distracted. BUT... this stuff is so good that I actually look forward to putting it on. Then I wave my hands in my sweetie’s face and make him smell it cuz it’s soooo yummy. My hands feel like a baby’s butt, not the poopy kind, but the fresh out of the bath kind. Soooo soft.
I love that it’s backed by science and has ethical ingredients plus is zero waste. Win win.
DS, Seal Bay
Something Special lotion
Ingredients: water, local water buffalo tallow*, plant-derived humectant, emulsifier, sodium lactate, essential/fragrance oils, cetyl alcohol, allantoin, preservative, xanthan gum, sodium phytate *organic

Here's what happens when you put Something Special Lotion on your special somethings.

E.H. using Something Special Lotion on her head

S.H. went to the doctor with her baby because there were some irritating areas on her little kid's head. The doctor was going to write out a prescription, but then forgot about it. When she got home, she decided to try the Something Special Lotion. She sent me these photos.

The dime sized spots are very rough/scaly feeling.

This first picture is from Monday before I applied the Something Special lotion with allantoin. The dime sized spots are very rough/scaly feeling.

The skin is much smoother and the redness is reduced

After using it once a day for 4 days, this is the picture from this morning. The skin is much smoother and the redness is reduced by 80% at least!

After 5 days of using the lotion, eczema spots are totally gone!

After 5 days of using the lotion, eczema spots are totally gone!

This picture is just to show you how happy she is!

This picture is just to show you how happy she is!

It's the best lotion I've ever used. I love the smell as well as the feel of the lotion. I seriously feel like my skin is being nourished everytime I use it. I have finally found my lotion and I will never use anything else.
That may seem over the top but it's 100% how I feel.
SL, Cumberland
Love the smell of the Something Special Lotion and it has such a fresh feeling
JD, Comox
Got the lotion and love it! Skin is so smooth and velvety after using it.
DP, Comox
It certainly has calming effects. Not totally gone, but this does give me relief. Thank you.
PT, Courtenay
That lotion is by far the best lotion I have ever used thus far!
CV, Courtenay
I purchased the Lemongrass and Lavender scent lotion and just love everything about it. The way it smells, how it distributes onto my skin and how long it lasts, both on my skin and in the bottle....a little dab will do! You have a very happy dedicated customer! Thank you!
BG, Comox
Hi! Just wanted to let you know I finally tried the lotion and it’s great! Light weight but moisturizing. Only feedback is that the lemongrass scent is SO strong it’s quite over powering, no lavender scent at all. But the lotion itself is fab! Thanks 😊
RK, Courtenay
Creamsicle Kissy Lips Coffee Kissy Lips
Ingredients: olive oil*, water buffalo tallow* (local), beeswax* (local), cocoa butter, flavor oils *organic
I need to tell you what life saver it has been! It is, of course, amazing for dry lips but I've been sick for the last five or so days and it has been the only thing that has made my poor, sore, dry nose bearable! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please feel free to use this as a testimonial if you have a place where you save those... such great stuff! I just put it on the outside and around my red nose... it has been a life saver!
JMS, Comox Valley
I tend to use Kissy Lips lip balm before I go to bed. The reason why I like it? My lips dry out when I am sleeping, especially in the winter when the house is a lot more dry. I used to use Carmex, because I liked the tingly feeling I got from it, and it helped, but it never lasts throughout the night. Yours seems to last through the night and so I still have a bit on when I wake up in the morning. I love the smell of the orange creamsicle - smells so yummy! I have the spearmint one in my purse, and use it occasionally when I feel my lips are drying or when I want to smell minty fresh.
SC, Winnipeg
I am impressed with the kissy lips balm. Not greasy like some other name brands and it feels soft.
CK, Winnipeg
Lip balm is yummy too.
DP, Comox
I love love love the Super Duper Cream and the lip balm!
JS, Comox Valley
Love the kissy lips!
KM, Courtenay
It works great on a chapped nose when you get sick and it doesn’t sting so I wanted to get one or two more so I don’t run out. Your Kissy Lips has been a saviour for my nose. You could market it as a cold aid too, LOL.
WP, Courtenay
I love your products. I will be coming for more. They are solid! Top notch! Smell great & actually preform! I put kissy lips on every morning & night before bed. I’m kind of addicted.
CC, Merville

Ow, my lips are cracked and bleeding
Look at those sharks & their frenzied feeding.

Also works on a red, raw nose
So much better than a garden hose.

We use beeswax, a very fine thing
From local honey bees, makes ya wanna sing!

What makes Kissy Lips so good for you?
Awesome rich tallow from local buffaloo

Kissy Lips! Kissy Lips! Gimme that stuff!
Coffee, Creamsicle, I can't get enough

Kissy Lips! Kissy Lips! Puts me in bliss
Pucker up, hurry up! Give us a kiss!

Citrus Scrubby Soap
Ingredients: Water, soap, borax, washing soda, blend of citrus oils

Here are the results of a number of tests we've done using our Citrus Scrubby Soap on various dirty or stained items.

Cleaning graffiti
Someone vandalized a community information board about salmon in our wonderful little town. ARGH!

Someone vandalized a community information board about salmon in our wonderful little town. ARGH!

CSS is applied to an old sock.

CSS is applied to an old sock.

The vandalized area is rubbed.

The vandalized area is rubbed.

The stupid vandalism is now on the sock, and no one needs to see it blight the information about our native salmon’s life cycle.

The stupid vandalism is now on the sock, and no one needs to see it blight the information about our native salmon’s life cycle.

A greasy, grimy smoker lid
Smoker lid - before

Smoker lid - before (ew!)

Smoker lid - after

Smoker lid - after (LOVEly!)

Some vandal using a Sharpie™ marker on wood flooring
Sharpie marker - before (naughty vandals!)

Sharpie marker - before (naughty vandals!)

Sharpie marker - after (so much for permanent)

Sharpie marker - after (in your face, vandals!)

Garden shears covered in plant blood
Garden shears - before

Garden shears - before

Garden shears - after

Garden shears - after

Stained stainless steel pot
Stainless steel pot - before

Pot - before

Stainless steel pot - after

Pot - after
Who needs a mirror on the wall, when CSS can make a stainless pot shine like this? “Stainless steel pot, stainless steel pot, sitting on the shelf. Who’s the fairest one? Myself ;)!”

Dirty, rusty wheels
Tire - before

Wheel - before

Tire - after

Wheel - after
CSS cleaned the rust off an old tire cover AND made the wheels look like they’d just been to spa!!!! Somebody kiss me already!

Douglas Fir Sap

The Douglas Fir in our yard is crying (dripping sap). Those ‘tears’ are mighty sticky! CSS gets the sap off easily.

Collar - before

Sticky sap on the deck railing

Collar - after

Add Citrus Scrubby Soap

Collar - before


Sap - all gone

Sap's all gone!

Utility sink
Sink - before

Look at this disgusting utility sink in…the neighbor’s garage…yeah, that’s the ticket, in the neighbor’s garage, icky.

Sink - after

NOW look at how clean it is. FanTAStic! My neighbor, yeah, my neighbor is delighted at the cleanliness.


After a nice hike along some dusty trails, my socks are filthy!

Socks - before

The top sock is what both socks looked like right after being washed with an enzyme-containing detergent.

Socks - while cleaning

CSS was applied and the socks were scrubbed and rinsed in hot water.

Socks - after

Both socks are now as clean as they were when new!

The scrubby wash is fantastic! The smell is great and it leaves my hands feeling so smooth. I can't wait to use it on something really grimy that I'm sure the spring/summer will provide.
ML, Black Creek
I was painting all afternoon after gardening. Your Citrus Scrubby Soap took Behr pro enamel latex off my hands quickly. Paint specs 2 months old off glasses soaked for 30 seconds and rubbed and rinsed . This stuff is amazing! I have used the Citrus Scrubby Soap on our old kitchen sink that was stained and it worked great. Did 5 hours of mechanical yesterday and it cleaned up my hands. I soaked my dirty paintbrushes in it and it worked great. I might wash the dog next...
SW, Miracle Beach
Just tonight I got my arm all marked up with a red sharpie pen, and boy it was a good thing I watched your video on washing off sharpie marks with your CSS product! Worked like a charm, when I couldn't get it all off with a wet nap. Why was my arm all marked up you might ask yourself? Well, I had just finished writing my son's name on his bag of diapers which will be going to the daycare tomorrow when it fell on the floor. I missed grabbing it with my hand, and my arm slid across the still wet marker. I couldn't believe my bad luck! My arm was covered in red marks from my elbow to my wrist (I write in very big letters on the bag). But my luck changed when I remembered about the CSS!
SC, Winnipeg
I gave my daughter some of the Citrus Scrubby Soap so she could clean her bathtub; she said it’s never been cleaner! I may need to buy more, LOL! I LOVE the CSS.
BHD, Comox Valley
It was super for the sink removing the brown stains around the drain. I used it for the sink and bathtub soap scum and it worked great on both.
AR, Comox
The Citrus scrubby soap is amazing! It even got silicone off a porcelain sink with no scratches.
LC, Sointula
Used the citrus cleaner in my bathroom and loved the sparkling results as well as a much friendlier smell, lol.
DP, Comox
It works. I've been using it as a hand cleaner on those messy days.
JG, a plumber in the Comox Valley
At the birthday party we were just at, my kid got 2 dollops of tree sap on her head and she wasn't wearing a hat! So I put the CSS on both spots on her hair - The CSS did the job, I had to work it through her hair to be sure it got on all the sap. No need to shave her head!
MK, Comox
Your product smells absolutely wonderful and this was a pleasant surprise. I used your CSS to clean our bathtub and our kitchen glass top stove....again pleasantly surprised. I'm sold girl!
BG, Comox
Thank you so much for the Citrus Scrubby. WoW is it great!
SA, Comox
This summer my third granddaughter was born so we pulled out the bin of baby girl clothes that had been stored in the garage for the past 4 years. Many of the newborn items had stains which were quite baked in by the summer heat over the past 4 years, so I set to work determined to remove the stains. I tried three methods suggested by google, each time several tiny items were successfully restored to their original stain-free state, but even after three wash cycles using different proven methods and hanging to dry and bleach in the sun, I still had several items that remained stained. I had heard about CCS so thought I’d give it a try. I followed the directions, applied and gave a good scrub, and was very please to remove all but two of the remaining stubborn stains. The most stubborn of the stains were however lightened enough that they were hardly noticeable.
I’m pleased with the results and I’m sure I will find many more uses for my CCS.
CS, Comox Valley

Got lots to clean? No need to mope!
Get some Citrus Scrubby Soap.

From filthy hands to sticky pitch,
CSS cleans like a b!tch!

Plant goo gummed-up garden shears?
With CSS, no need for tears!

Your roasting pot has burnt-on food?
CSS will clean it goooood!

Say good-bye to bathtub ring,
With CSS you’ll laugh & sing.

Ground-in dirt & sap on socks?
Rub in, rinse. Wow, this stuff rocks!

Bike grease on your leg’s no fun,
With CSS, it’s gone, you’ve won!

Douglas fir pitch fell in her hair!
Must we really shave that bare?
No need, no need, with CSS,
A squirt or two will clean that mess.

Permanent marker on your floor?
With CSS, it ain’t no more!

Your toilet bowl will gleam and shine,
With CSS, your throne’s divine.

After all this cleaning, you’ll yell “Hooray!”
For CSS has saved your day.

Ingredients: Propanediol, dipropylene glycol, water, sodium stearate, witch hazel, isopropyl myristate, blend of essential/fragrance oils, polysorbate 80
Yeast addition from the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
The deodorant is amazing! It only needs to be applied once in a day and I feel it controls odors and even doesn't allow for as much perspiration as other deodorants.
ML, Black Creek
I'm in love with the deodorant, very nice smelling and works great! (on a hot August afternoon)
LHT, Cumberland
The deodorant is great, he doesn’t have any itching or red bumps (as with store-bought deodorants) and it smells great. It was easy to pour into (my own deodorant) container.
DM, Comox Valley
I'm really loving this deodorant!
DS, Comox
I have a drawer full of department store bought deodorants none has worked as well as yours. I couldn't be happier and more relieved. Love the smell lasts all day. I'll be back for refills.
CE, Comox
It works great for my son. He really enjoys the smell.
SA, Comox
I quite like it!! Thanks for such a great product!
JB, Comox Valley
I like it!! Better than any other natural ones I've tried so far! I do like the boyz one a bit better!
KW, Courtenay
As far as the deodorant, it’s working fantastically. Far less stinky than I used to be which = more friends.
SL, Cumberland
Used the deodorant on my 12 hour shift yesterday and no stink! Yeah!!
DP, Comox
Deodorant is a hit! Gave the guyz scent to my sister and she is really enjoying it.
JS, Comox Valley
Simply put, your deodorant is the only one that’s ever worked for me! It truly deodorizes while still allowing me to sweat. My hubby loves it too
SR, Comox
The deodorant refill went off without a hitch. So happy to have our pits stink-free once more 👍 thanks.
SM, Comox
It's refreshing to know that I can purchase a healthy choice deodorant. Thank you for providing this 1st class product that smells absolutely energizing and works!
BG, Comox
I love how smoothly it applies!!! I HATE the gloopy coconut oily shea butter style deo. Balls up and gets all gross.
SB, Courtenay
The deodorant works and smells so good I wanna eat it.
DS, Seal Bay
Your deodorant sticks last twice as long as those in the stores. I love it.
WP, Courtenay

When I think of times that I have stunk,
And was mistaken for a skunk,
I cannot help but utter a cry,

Over something that I did not buy! 😭
But all’s not lost, I’m happy to tell,
I’ve found a way to stop the smell,
Skin Goop deodorant (for you) and me!

Apply to the pits, and you’ll say “Hee hee!
Toodloo you stench and aroma most foul!
Now, open the door so I may howl!”

Ingredients: Talcum powder, essential/fragrance oils
I love the scented talc powder.
IG, Royston
Your lavender talc has saved my partners ass (literally) countless times! When it starts to feel tender at the job site, the lavender talc saves him from hours of agony and discomfort throughout the day...
JS, Comox Valley
The talc feels nice and isn’t sticky like some powders.
KC, Comox
My mom is thoroughly enjoying the talc powder, both its scent and working ability 😉
JS, Comox Valley
Dryer bags
Ingredients: Local, organically-grown lavender buds
Lavender sachet
Ingredients: Local, organically-grown lavender buds