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Skin Goop may be zany, but we are seriously serious about our products. Seriously!

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* Have you seen products claiming to have won awards? Really? They’ve won awards, have they? I KNOW Skin Goop has won the Super-duper award because it was created in-house BY me, TO me. Because it's all ABOUT me! 🤣

About Skin Goop

Many of our products feature local, organic Water Buffalo tallow.

We don't use petrolatum or mineral oil, because oil companies are rich enough.

Our packaging is not glamourous, as you'd rather spend your money on quality products than a glam jar. Am I right?

Do we use preservatives? You betcha! No one wants to smear cooties on themselves. Golly!

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Featuring local, organic, Water Buffalo tallow. Our soap will NOT dry your skin, as some soap might.

Shampoo (and body) Bar

Gentle enough for daily use, for your hair and entire body. This is NOT soap (unlike many of the other 'shampoo' bars out there)

Conditioner Bar

Featuring local, organic, Water Buffalo tallow. A more environmentally-friendly way to condition your hair than liquid conditioner in throwaway bottles.


Takes the stress out of doggie-bath day (for both you and the pooch). This is NOT soap (unlike many of the other dog bars out there)

Super Duper Cream

Featuring local, organic, Water Buffalo tallow. Luxurious, easy-to-apply Super Duper Cream is fanTAStic for all skin types."

Swell Cream

Featuring local, organic, Water Buffalo tallow. Thick, really swell, non-greasy, and quickly sinks into your skin like nobody’s business.

Something Special Lotion

Featuring local, organic, Water Buffalo tallow. Absorbs quickly, leaving your skin amazingly soft.

Kissy Lips

Featuring local, organic, Water Buffalo tallow. Protect your lips, without a heavy waxy feel.

Citrus Scrubby Soap

Excellent cleaner for grimy hands, kitchen/bathroom surfaces, or anything needing a little something-something. Leaves things smelling like oranges. NYUM!


Non-greasy gel stick, made with essential/fragrance oil blends to help cover up any unpleasant aromas. (refills also available!)


Pure, natural talc is great at absorbing perspiration, and preventing chafing.

Dryer Bag

These dryer bags, filled with local, organically-grown lavender buds will impart a very light scent to your laundry.

Lavender Sachet

Keep one by your pillow, next to your computer, in a gym bag or wherever you need a happy scent. Filled with our own pesticide-free, organic lavender buds.

What People Are Saying About Our Products

My mom just picked up some of your products and they are amazing!

TB, Comox

The creams and soaps are lovely and the scented ones smell good enough to eat.

BM, Comox

My wife loved the lavender soap, sachet and lavender talc!

WK, Campbell River

My wife was absolutely thrilled and over the moon with all the lavender products.

JW, Courtenay

I don't know what I'd do if you stopped making your products!

LV, Campbell River

Your products ROCK!

JS, Comox Valley

Everyone should buy this stuff, cuz you get to go to her house and use the uber cool door knocker, but also cuz it’s good.

DS, Seal Bay